Comprehensive Guide For Hotel Towel Cleaning Services

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Do you find it challenging to maintain the perfect look of the bathrobes and towels you use at hotels? Are you sick of your hotel’s towels and bathrobes being dirty and yellowish? Then, to make the towels and bathrobes shine brighter and whiter, it’s time to get moving and clean the toilet linens at your hotel or guest home. All you have to do is contact the towel cleaning services experts at Hello Laundry if you’re looking for a way to make the towels appear fluffy, white, and soft.


With free pickup and doorstep delivery, our skilled commercial laundry services cleaners provide London’s best and most affordable towel-cleaning services. If you’d like to wash towels at home, check out this helpful tutorial on how to clean bathrobes and towels like a pro.

How to Clean Hotel and Guest House Towels:

  • Setup the washing machine:

Keep the following things in mind when you are about to wash the towels and bathrobes in a showering device: hotel towels clean. It is important to remember to avoid packing the washing machine with too many towels. Usually, the whole load of towels is put into the washing machine, eliminating any space for the agitation cycle.

Placing towels inside the washing machine within the recommended range is equally important to prevent linen breakage and damage during the wash cycle. Place four to five towels at a time—or fewer, if the gowns and towels are incredibly thick and heavy—into the washing machine, then turn on the shower head to wash the linens.

  • Check the towel-washing temperature:

The ideal temperature for cleaning bathrobes and laundry towels in a washing machine that isn’t meant for business use is approximately 40 degrees. To ensure that the towels keep fluffy, soft, and sparkling for an extended period, wash them at 40 degrees. Additionally, setting the washing machine to 40 degrees guarantees the elimination of microorganisms and other germs that commonly grow in towels due to the constant sweating and body fluids that towels absorb from hotel rooms.

It’s essential to rinse the towels in warm water using a batch washer or washing machine extractor instead of a washing machine. This is how hotels wash their towels. Towels cleaned in hot water will bind loose fibres more efficiently, make them more absorbent, and help to avoid tangled threads. Warm water also adds fluff and softness to the towels.

  • Use good detergent:

When cleaning towels, it’s essential to use a sufficient amount of detergent to remove any soiling and stop soiling sediments from getting redeposited inside the towels, which is how towels are cleaned in hotels. Prewash the bathrobes and towels at 38 degrees for a few minutes at a medium-dip level using at least one-third of the detergent powder. Wash the previously cleaned towels at 75 degrees at a low dip for approximately 10 minutes, using at least one-third of the detergent powder. The towels need to be rinsed now.

To wash the towels for the washing degree, use detergents and mild chemicals to whiten the towels for a few minutes at an excessive dip degree. After cleaning the stains with a few chemicals, rinse the towels with the remaining detergent powder as quickly as possible to give them a last cleaning and whitening.

  • Choose mild detergent:

As they are used frequently in hotels and vacation homes, towels quickly become soiled and ruined. How to clean white towels, like hotels, are challenging to achieve when using ordinary detergent powder to wash the towels and bathrobes and remove such tenacious stains. Sodium hypochlorite is an excellent moderate chemical to remove greasy streaks and similar stains. After adding a few teaspoons of sodium hypochlorite to cold water, use a minute-long machine cycle on the dirty clothes and towels.

Remove chlorine, restore the towels’ vibrant sheen, and use an antichlor chemical during the last wash cycle. That is how you wash towels, like in hotels. To remove the stains before washing the towels, scrub the areas affected with baking soda paste.

  • Dry towels:

If you want to discover how clean hotel towels are, hang them in the sun. The warmth from the sun dries the towels without damaging the delicate fibres. Keeping the towels fresh is made more accessible by their aeration in the herbal environment.


In a washing machine, washing towels is a relatively simple process. If you’re not prepared to make the time and effort, you may hire a towel cleaning service where hotels clean their towels. To make stained and yellowed towels white, fluffy, and ready, our commercial laundry services experts and professionals use gentle chemical compounds, appropriate outstanding detergents, and moderate solvents. Get your towels spotless by hiring our towel cleaning services.

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