DBL Anniversary: Here’s What You Need To Do To Get Ready

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The Dragon Ball Legends side of the internet is “sparking” and abuzz with excitement over the game’s 6th anniversary celebrations. The DBL anniversary trailer just dropped, and although its details are kept vague for now, players have anniversary banners, new characters with new forms, and exclusive rewards to look forward to starting at the end of May 2024.

But you’ll need more than just excitement to get ready for the celebrations. Don’t just jump into the celebrations empty-handed. Saving some Dragon Ball LegendsChrono Crystals, doing pre-anniversary missions, and maybe even considering a Dragon Ball Legends account for sale are just some of the things you need to do to get ready for Dragon Ball Legends Anniversary. Learn more on what to prepare below.

Grind and Save For Chrono Crystals

The most important thing to do to get ready for DBL anniversary is to save all the Chrono Crystals you can right now. Dragon Ball LegendsChrono Crystals are essentially the game’s in-game currency that can be used to “summon” a Dragon Ball Legends character. Basically, you pay with Chrono Crystals to gacha your way into getting a better team in the game.

Every year, the game always has special, rare, and new characters released during its anniversary celebrations. These are anniversary banners and they’re usually pretty worth it to roll to get high-ranking characters in your team.

While you can always pay for Chrono Crystals with real money, you can easily earn them by just playing the game. You can get some by playing through the story, doing certain missions, and even just logging in daily. Right now, the game is even urging its players to log in 3 days in a row to get 100 Chrono Crystals.

There are always active banners in the game, but don’t get tempted by them right now. Grind for Chrono Crystals, save every bit of it that you can get, and only use it for the anniversary. Stay strong, champ!

Do The Anniversary Countdown Activities

To hype up players for the anniversary, the game has pre-anniversary activities as some sort of appetizer for what’s to come soon. Right now, there are Anniversary Countdown activities, new missions added every day during the countdown period, Anniversary Countdown Challenges that you can do once per day, and titles and medals to earn.

It’s best to do these before the actual anniversary activities start. Not only will these get you in the mood to celebrate, but it’s also a great and easy way to earn Dragon Ball LegendsChrono Crystals and other rewards.

For New Players: Start Playing and Even Reroll for the Perfect Start

If you’re just thinking of starting the game, let us be the final push for you to finally get started. With all the updates and activities, it’s actually the best time to join DB Legends right now. So for newbies and those eyeing to join the game, get ready for the anniversary by, well, starting the game!

And if you’re the type to min-max everything, there’s a way to get the perfect start in the game: Rerolling. If you don’t like your initial summons, delete your game data, start over the tutorial section, and go through the rolling again until you get your desired summons.

It’s definitely a lot of work this way. So if you want the express route, buying an account is the key. Reliable sites like U7BUY.com sell Dragon Ball Legends accounts and more game accounts that are already decked out and full of in-game currency ready for you to use. With a ready account, all you have to prepare is your excitement!

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