TikTok Success Stories- 7 Small businesses that went viral

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In the era of ever-increasing competition, small businesses often struggle to survive and thrive
in the online marketplace. If you are a small brand looking to invest in social media, TikTok can
be the best option for you. With more than 1.5 billion monthly active users, TikTok has the
potential to help your brand go viral in less time. One single video, if it goes viral, can bring
massive traffic to your page, skyrocket your small business engagement, and increase sales
and conversions. However, the competition is not less on TikTok.
Today, every brand is spending thousands to maintain a robust presence on TikTok. To
outshine them, you need a correct marketing strategy, complete knowledge of its algorithms,
and some effective tips. From product launches to awareness campaigns, TikTok can be used
to share any type of brand-related content. Now, if you are still dicey about whether to invest in
TikTok or not, we have a solution for you. In this blog, we will share 7 TikTok success stories of
small businesses that went viral to help you solidify your decision.

Candeeze co.

Candzee co. is a small business founded by a lovely couple in America. The couple used to sell unique candies, but their fate changed overnight when their first ever TikTok video went viral. They posted an adorable clip of their startup behind the scenes, which was loved by the audience and received immense views and engagement overnight. The video got around 31.4M impressions and thousands of likes and comments, showing admiration for the couple. Due to this, the demand for their unique candies exploded, and the couple got immense fame and orders due to their first video. Today, they have over 860k followers and get 9.3 million likes on average.

Street Brew Coffee

Caitlin Campbell, the owner of Street Brew Coffee, has made a unique TikTok success story via short coffee videos. Her simple but aesthetic videos provide a pleasing experience for coffee lovers worldwide. She used to share amazing information about coffee, like its recipes, equipment, best ways to make it, budget coffee setup, etc., that cater to a diverse audience. Since the launch, she has acquired a decent number of likes and followers, which has made her coffee recipes famous worldwide. Her main strategy was to be consistent and post some content on a regular basis. Today, she has over 1.1 M followers, and more than 31M video likes.

EA Games

EA Games had a unique and exceptional success story where the brand started a hashtag challenge to create user-generated content and widen its reach. EA Games started #Playwithlife, which used to encourage users to share their everyday clothes, including daily wear, loungewear, party looks, formal outfits, trip outfits, etc. This creative and exciting photo effect hashtag challenge became a viral trend and was extended to Instagram also. It has gained around 16B views and massive brand awareness. If you are planning to launch such a hashtag challenge, purchasing celebian likes can help you get initial engagement to make your brand challenge hashtag post reach a wider audience.

Enchanted Scrunch

Enchanted Scrunch is one of the biggest names when it comes to small business success on TikTok. Dasha Derkach, a 14-year-old girl and the founder of Enchanted Scrunch, started promoting scrunchie designs through Instagram. However, later, she shifted to TikTok as the primary marketing channel that helped her achieve her goals. Although she started with little engagement, within 2 months, her videos started getting thousands of views, which continued to grow with time. TikTok became her main sales channel, contributing to 90% of the total sales. Her orders increased from 2 in a week to about 100, and today, she is getting 500+ orders in a week.

Lala Hijabs

Will Saleh and Sana were among those who lost their jobs during the COVID outbreak. However, rather than crying over spilled milk, they decided to start their own small business named “Lala Hijabs.” The couple used to design adorable, tie-dyed Hijabs and share their videos on TikTok just for fun. However, their videos were getting good reach and engagement, and people were asking where they could buy the Hijabs. Their video went viral, snagging about 50k followers and a million views as a result. This is when they thought, “Let’s take this fun thing and make it a successful business!” And that’s how Lala Hijabs was born. TikTok was their key sales generator, accounting for 60% of total sales.


Cassey Ho, an influencer and content creator, started Popflex and used TikTok to gain success. Popflex is an apparel brand that sells gym clothing and accessories, including gym outfits, yoga mats, small equipment, and other accessories like bags, gloves, etc. Cassey Ho started her journey by sharing fitness tips and instructions to help people stay fit and healthy. Later, she launched her apparel brand and used her fitness videos to promote the products. With time, she earned 156.3k followers and around 3.6 million likes. She used to share videos of how to use the products, what their specialty is, how they can help fitness enthusiasts, etc.

Brand Pierre

Brand Perrie is a true example of how fortunes turned overnight. Pierce Woodward, the owner of Brand Pierre, used to make rings using old spoons and share their videos on TikTok for fun. However, TikTok made him a brand by pushing his content to wider audience who loved the rings, and soon, his account was stormed with followers and engagement. He’s got his physical store, and thanks to TikTok, he sold his first batch of rings in just two days, now that’s down to a few minutes. He used to share interesting stuff about his rings, engage with his followers in the comments, and throw in various challenges. At present, it is a million-dollar business with 1.1M TikTok likes.


These success stories prove that no matter what kind of small business you have, TikTok can help you go viral and achieve success. All brands mentioned above started with zero, but TikTok made them billion-dollar companies just with engaging videos and the right strategies. It’s your time to dive into the enchanting world of TikTok and make your small business reach a wider audience, bring engagement, and drive sales and conversions.

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